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FAQs for Living and Working Overseas:

Written by a former Peace Corps Volunteer living overseas since 1989

The Expat Guy: FAQs for Working and Living Overseas

Why Move Overseas?

Why not!

Many people move overseas in search of a new and different life.  They want to experience other cultures, stretch themselves a little. 

Some people head overseas in search of better and bigger incomes, more savings.  Some people head out to feather their nest a bit before retirement.  Or even to retire where their money will give them a much higher quality of life.

Some head overseas - just for the fun of it.  Many more than you might believe!

Others take jobs overseas that they possibly could not get in their home country.

Living overseas gives you the opportunity to redefine your life and the way you want to live.  No one where you are going will have significant expectations about your personality, habits, preferences or anything else.

Living overseas is a great time to improve yourself and raise your expectations about what you want from your life.

Many people also head overseas to retire.  In many countries your retirement income will go much much further and you can live a higher quality of life than you could in your home country.

Whatever your reason we will try to help you with some basic decision making on this website.



Hotel English

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--  Ly Liet Thanh -- Training Director
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How to Evaluate TEFL Programs
For when you start teaching English Abroad:
 Here's how to do your TEFL right!



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